Electrical Fit Out of Temporary Modular School Buildings

McKeon Group’s Electrical Division is your best choice for a cost-effective, efficient, high-quality electrical fit out on your temporary modular school buildings.

This blog will provide a comprehensive overview of McKeon Group Electrical Division’s expertise in electrical fit outs of temporary modular school buildings, from their value-add at the tender stage to the practical completion.
The blog also highlights the vast knowledge and highly skilled team of electricians and apprentices. With minimal on-site work and a focus on fit out during prefabrication at your manufacturing facilities, McKeon Group ensures a quick turnaround time, guaranteed practical completion and fully commissioned modular buildings.

McKeon Group’s Expertise in Electrical Fit Out of Modular Buildings

We take pride in our expertise in the electrical fit out of modular buildings. We have a dedicated team to carry out the first fixings off-site at the manufacturing facilities during prefabrication on the modules and another dedicated team for when it goes to the site, and it’s ready for the second and final fixing. We also have a team that fabricates the distribution boards needed for modular buildings in our own facility to save additional time.
With years of experience, we understand the challenges and intricacies of electrical fit outs for modular buildings. Our team has the expertise and technical know-how to deliver high-quality electrical fit outs that meet regulatory and statutory standards.

Electrical fit out on a modular building

Value Add at the Tender Stage At McKeon Group

The tender stage is a crucial part of any project. That’s why we ensure our quotes are competitive, compliant, and high-quality. We have in-depth knowledge of TDG’s and IS standards along with in-house and external specialists on hand with the expertise to ensure our work complies with them. We can also assist at the design stage to ensure compliance with these regulations. We provide detailed technical submittals based on quality products that conform to regulatory and statutory standards. We also have a rolling stock of materials like luminaires, dado trunking, CO2 detectors, and Part M-compliant general service outlets to ensure no lead time delays. In addition, we have a strong pool of specialists for life safety systems, ICT networks, security systems, public address systems and solar PV.

McKeon Group’s Project Team

Our team at McKeon Group comprises two fit-out teams: prefab and site teams. We ensure minimal on-site work and focus on in-factory prefabrication to reduce time on-site. We also provide cost management and early reporting on variations, ensuring your project stays within budget. Our electrical director, Neil Wyer, leads our team, which comprises vastly knowledgeable and experienced electricians and apprentices. We have the expertise to handle all aspects of electrical fit outs for modular buildings, from first to final fixing.

The importance of practical completion.

At McKeon Group, we understand the importance of practical completion. We ensure all essential certificates are available on time to meet PC dates, including Elec Cert 1 or 3, depending on the installation type, Life Safety (e.g., fire alarm, EML), CSS Ancillary Cert, O&M File, and client demos for modular buildings. With our expertise in temp buildings, we guarantee a quick turnaround time. By partnering with us, we assure you of a seamless and efficient practical completion process. You can learn more about the process by interacting with the image below.

The seamless and efficient process from start to finish

We are committed to delivering high-quality electrical fit outs for modular buildings. Our team of expert electricians and apprentices has years of experience and technical expertise to navigate the complexities of electrical fit outs. We offer value-add at the tender stage with competitive and compliant quotes, detailed technical submittals and rolling stock of materials. Our project team focuses on in-factory prefabrication to reduce on-site work and cost management to keep projects within budget. We understand the importance of practical completion and guarantee a quick turnaround time on essential certificates. By partnering with us, you can rely on a seamless and efficient process from start to finish.

Our clients choose McKeon Group because they trust us. We’re proud to say that we have consistently worked with some leading modular building manufacturers. This level of continued business is a testament to the professionalism of our team, the quality of our work and the collaborative approach to meeting our client’s needs.

Contact our electrical team modular buildings experts, Neil Wyer or Mark Brody, to discuss your modular fit out goals and how we can help you achieve them.

A Milestone Achievement – 100 Employees!

McKeon Group is proud to announce that we have officially reached 100 employees, and what a brilliant team we have! We held an event to mark this special milestone and give our annual update to all of our team last week.

Throughout the last 72 years, we have grown from one man with a van to five brilliant divisions bursting with ideas, expertise, and world-class staff. We have worked on sites all across Ireland, from third-level education, commercial, pharmaceutical and countless other clients. Our ability to provide the right team across various sectors has grown and adapted, as have we, putting McKeon Group in a prime position to tackle some world-class projects.

Speaking at the event, CEO Tomas Mac Eoin said: “Refreshing our core values has been on the agenda for a while. We’ve changed a lot as an organisation over the past 10 years. The workforce has changed, society has changed, and our strategy has changed. I certainly felt the language needed updating and how we present and talk about them.”

“The Values originated from our grandfather, and some of them have remained unchanged, that of Integrity & Quality. We went to the Board of Directors for their input and integrity, how we treat our staff, and how we are perceived in the industry we found was paramount to them. Then we had an overwhelming sense of responsibility towards sustainability and that we must go above and beyond to change our environmental impact and influence others.

We then turned to the entire organisation to understand each individual’s values and if they aligned with our organisation’s core values. Really to ascertain if we held them true, communicated, lived by, and believed them. We asked the question ….”

What values or traits of your own do you feel are matched in your role at McKeon Group and Hereworks?

“The response was overwhelming, one of the most successful surveys we’ve carried out recently, which only goes to show how important values are to the team.

I was humbled by what came back, the positivity, warmth and passion in some of the replies….”

Updated Core Values:

We are proud to reveal our refreshed core values, illustrating the key points that encapsulate our organisation best.

They are Integrity, Client Commitment, Quality, Brilliance, and Sustainability. While to some, they may appear as buzzwords, to us, they are the very fibre of our operations and how we communicate ourselves to the world.

Going forward, we will have a renewed focus on sustainability and will bring in a consultant from outside the company to assist us with this. In the company-wide survey, a large number of our team called for an increased focus on sustainability, which we plan to deliver.

McKeon Group has grown drastically over the past three decades.

Our QEHS Director, Cliona Molloy, said: “I had a look back, and funnily every 10 years or so, we double our workforce, which has now brought about this major milestone.”

Our growth is only possible with everyone we deal with, including our clients, sub-contractors and our hard-working staff.

Let’s see what the next decade has in store!

If you want to be part of our team, check out our open positions and grow with us!