A Milestone Achievement – 100 Employees!

McKeon Group is proud to announce that we have officially reached 100 employees and what a brilliant team we have! We held an event to mark this special milestone and give our annual update to all of our team last week.

Throughout the last 72 years, we have grown from one man with a van to five brilliant divisions, bursting with ideas, expertise, and world-class staff. We have worked on sites all across Ireland, from third-level education, commercial, pharmaceutical and countless other clients. Our ability to provide the right team across a variety of sectors has grown and adapted, as have we, putting McKeon Group in a prime position to tackle some World class projects.

This year to date, we have finished 271 projects and have a further 104 projects ongoing.

Speaking at the event, CEO Tomas Mac Eoin said: “Refreshing our core values has been on the agenda for a while, we’ve changed a lot as an organisation over the past 10 years, the workforce has changed, society has changed and our strategy has changed. I certainly felt the language needed an updating and the way we present and talk about them.”

“The Values originated from our grandfather and some of them have remained unchanged, that of Integrity & Quality. We turned to the family and as mentioned integrity, how we treat our staff and how we are perceived in the industry were paramount. Then we had an overwhelming sense of responsibility towards sustainability and that we must go above and beyond to change our impact on the environment and also influence others.

We then turned to the entire organisation to understand the personal values of each individual and if they aligned with our organisation’s core values. Really to ascertain if indeed we held them true, communicated them, lived by them and believed them. We asked the question ….”

What values or traits of your own do you feel are matched in your role at McKeon Group and Hereworks?

“The response was overwhelming, we got 52 individual responses in a 2-day period, which is probably one of the most successful surveys we’ve carried out in recent times, which only goes to show how important values are to the team.

I was very humbled by what came back, the positivity, the warmth and the passion in some of the replies….”

Updated Core Values:

We are proud to reveal our refreshed core values, illustrating the key points that we feel encapsulate our organisation best.

They are Integrity,  Client Commitment, Quality, Brilliance, and Sustainability. While to some they may appear as buzzwords, to us, they are the very fibre of our operations and how we communicate ourselves to the world.

Going forward, we will have a renewed focus on Sustainability and will be bringing in a consultant from outside of the company to assist us with this. In the company-wide survey, a large number of our team called for an increased focus on sustainability and this is something we plan to deliver.

McKeon Group has grown drastically over the past three decades, showing a growth of a staggering 900% since 1990. Even more impressively is that between 2016 and 2022, we doubled our workforce from 50 to 100 staff.

Our QEHS Director, Cliona Molloy, said: “I had a look back and between 1990 – 2006 we grew from 10 – 24 employees. Over the next 10 years to 2016 we doubled that to 50 and from then to now in the last 6 years we have doubled again to 100 Employees.”

Our growth would not be possible without every single person we deal with, including our clients, sub-contractors and our hard-working staff.

Let’s see what the next decade has in store!

If you want to be part of our team check out our open positions and grow with us!

Meet the Team: Tommy Dillon

“Come in with a good attitude – turning up is half the battle.”

Meet Tommy

Tommy has been working as a plumber in McKeon Group for eight years, and in that time he has shown his drive to succeed by progressing through the ranks.

While some people take time to find their path, Tommy knew he wanted to be a plumber from his teenage years.

“My dad and uncle are plumbers so for me, it just made sense. I was picked out of my class in sixth year for an apprenticeship and I’ve been here since.”

However, his journey to McKeon Group Mechanical Division is a little more unique. He spent several years working for a previous employer, starting as an apprentice and progressing to mechanical foreman.  He then set up his own company and worked for McKeon Group as a Mechanical Services Subcontractor working on many contracts for our Mechanical Services division, before becoming directly employed with McKeon Group.

Just Because It’s My Title, It Doesn’t Mean It’s All I Do!

“I’ve worked on a number of contracts for colleges in Dublin as well as the OPW, HSE and in various hospitals. I think the biggest stand-out project for me was the Wilder Hotel. This involved turning a derelict building into a four-star hotel.”

The Wilder Townhouse is a boutique hotel in a Victorian Heritage Building in Dublin City, built in 1878 as a home for aged governesses and unmarried females. The building was completely rewired within the guidelines of the conservation requirements to provide the modern services of a 42-room hotel with a restaurant, bars, lounge facilities, salon and reception area. 

 Tommy added that just because his job title is site supervisor, his role encompasses far more than this.

“My role is site supervisor, working foreman and pipe fitter. Just because it’s my title it doesn’t mean that’s all I do. I organise a lot of things, working closely with the other divisions. With the likes of the Wilder and also on RTE Creche, we were the design team so we had to decide what would and wouldn’t work.”

“Anything Can Be Taught!”

“For anyone considering becoming a plumber, I’d tell them to make sure it’s what they want to do because it’s hard work. But if you come in with a good attitude, it helps. Come into it with a good attitude –  turning up is half the battle half the time. Attitude is key.

For me, I’d put a definite emphasis on your attitude – anything can be taught, but you can’t teach someone with a bad attitude.”

About McKeon Group

Established in 1950 by Tom McKeon, McKeon Group remains a family business to this day. ISO certified for more than two decades, McKeon Group offers expert construction, fit out, and building services. The Group delivers projects, services and maintenance across a range of sectors for State, local authority, FDI and private clients. We have several open positions, so if you’re passionate, innovative and want to work with a company with over 70 years of experience, check them out.