McKeon Group: Building Management Systems (BMS) Controls Training

McKeon Group: Building Management Systems (BMS) Controls Training



As part of McKeon Group’s commitment to staff training and upskilling, we have partnered with TechCon International Ltd., a specialist controls supplier, to provide BMS training for our electrical and mechanical teams.  BMS or Building Management Systems are the technologies that bring a building to life and enhance the experience and comfort for the occupants.  


Traditionally controlling HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning), BMS can also control a multitude of other systems such as Lighting, Fire Alarm, Energy Management, Space analytics etc.  Central control over the various systems in a building enhances the comfort level, provides efficiencies and energy savings and can monitor overall building performance, as we strive to attain ever greater efficiencies and less dependence on fossil fuels in the move towards a carbon neutral environment. 


This training is fundamental for our M&E teams to understand each other’s disciplines and also that of the specialist controls supplier, which is typically provided by an external specialist. We aim to have a knowledge base within our M&E teams that will allow us to fully meet our client’s building management needs and with the help of our BMS partners further enhance the service that we bring to our clients.


For further information, please contact Stephen Weir, Electrical Services Director with McKeon Group at



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