Good2Go – App

We have developed the ‘Good2Go’ App to facilitate online registration of all operatives prior to attending McKeon Group sites or meetings. Through the app, people can complete a short number of key questions relating to Covid-19, including providing their unique CIF induction number, upon successful completion, they are cleared for entry to site. When operatives and site visitors present to a site – having already been cleared by the app –  the CV19 Compliance Officer can then use the app to scan the person’s CIF induction card to confirm everything is in order. Once verified, operatives then move on to site induction.

The ‘Good2Go’ solution has been built using Microsoft Power Platform technologies, we have it in place at a number of sites, and we hope to share the ‘Good2Go’ solution with others in the industry to support them in getting back to business quickly and safely. We have partnered with MJ Flood Technology to provision this solution for other interested businesses in the construction industry.

To get the App, click on the Good2Go request link below, enter your details using the phrase ‘Good2Go’ in the How can we help field.