County Hall Courtyard Upgrades

Fingal County Council

Project Team

Construction Director
Paddy Cassidy
Site Manager
Enda Smyth
Site Engineer
Glenn Tennyson
Project Surveyor
Amie Bennett
Health and Safety Manager
Veronica Lavelle
Allenkey Fittings
Castit Ltd
Leinster Utilities & Groundworks Ltd
Petersons Manufacturing
RDC Paving
Titan Roofing
Vincent Doherty Ltd


McKeon Group are proud to have recently completed work for Fingal County Council at County Hall in Swords, Co. Dublin.

The project centred around courtyard upgrades together with the provision of a new bin store, alongside incorporating new amenities such as a porch and furniture. The project also focused on implementing sustainable practices to enhance the functionality and environmental impact of the space.

The Task

Fingal County Council wanted to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of their courtyards while ensuring that these upgrades contributed positively to the sustainable practices of their building. Additionally, they needed to maintain continued operations at County Hall for the project's duration.

Our team knew this project would require careful planning, expert consideration and continued coordination to execute the necessary courtyard upgrades while allowing County Hall to remain fully operational.

The Solution

Transforming County Hall's courtyards entailed various tasks such as demolition, excavation, and drainage works to prepare the site for the installation of new surfacing materials. Attention to detail was essential to ensure the longevity and durability of the courtyards.

Following the re-surfacing of the courtyards, new electrical, security and access control systems were implemented to enhance safety and convenience for occupants. Mechanical services were upgraded to ensure efficient operation and maintenance of the facilities.

Furthermore, our team constructed a new bin store, porch, seating, and three bike shelters. We also undertook landscaping work to beautify the surroundings. Each of these elements were carefully integrated into the design to enhance the visual appeal of the courtyards.

A significant aspect of the work was the installation of nine car charging points. These charging points were strategically placed to provide convenient access for Fingal County Council's electrical vehicle owners.

Commitment to Sustainable Practices

As always, our team brought McKeon Group's strong commitment to sustainability to every area of this project.

The project included the installation of nine car charging points and three bicycle storage racks (each with facilities to charge e-bikes), which reflect Fingal County Council's proactive approach towards their staff embracing environmentally friendly transportation options.

Our team constructed the new courtyards using permeable surfacing, allowing for natural hydraulic balance and surface runoff management. We installed a green roof on the bin store to contribute to County Hall's overall sustainability efforts.

The Results

The project team successfully navigated the challenges of working in a live environment to deliver a space that reflects the practical needs of Fingal County Council and reinforces our commitment to sustainability.

The revitalised courtyards behind County Hall are a model for sustainable urban design, showcasing how thoughtful planning, continued communication, and expert implementation can result in transformative outcomes that benefit both the environment and all who use the space.

Overall, the successful completion of the project not only met Fingal County Council's objectives but also set a precedent for future developments to prioritise functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability.

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