Fineco Asset Management Office Fit Out

Fineco Asset Management

Project Team

Senior Quantity Surveyor
Liam Flynn
Contracts Manager
Arthur Bennett
Site Lead
Shane Bruton
Construction Director
Aidan McEnroe
Health and Safety Officer
Tiarna Mullan


This c.10,000 sq ft office fit out for Fineco financial asset management firm involved the demolition of existing structures, internal joinery, internal glazing and partitions, extensive mechanical and electrical work, internal floor & ceiling finishes, internal painting, decoration and other general work. As a unique feature of the project, an Iroko wall was designed and constructed with a hidden door that gives it a modern and aesthetically pleasing appearance. As the main contractor for the Fineco Asset Management Office Fit Out project, McKeon Group oversaw all work carried out on-site by labourers, tradespeople, and subcontractors. In addition, we prepared the health and safety plan and risk assessments. We have controlled the health and safety documentation of sub-contractors, carried out site inspections and audits, and prepared the Safety File.

The Demolition Phase: Key Tasks and Challenges

Works included removing the existing guest canteen unit, disconnecting the mechanical and electrical fixings, making them safe, and disposing of them appropriately. Removal of large file cabinets in the open plan floor,  large file cabinets near the service riser, existing carpet tile from floor area (400 sq.m) and flooring from large canteen area (30 sq.m). Cleaning glass after completion, removing residual residue to create a clean surface, removing partitions to 'new' boardroom and making suitable existing surfaces, removing glazing, doors and door frames from the existing boardroom area.

Internal Joinery: Custom Features and Installation Details

Imagine walking into a space that's been completely transformed. The lift lobby boasts a brand new 30sq.m shaft wall with a recessed frame perfectly showcasing a massive 75" display unit. Custom-made Iroko walls throughout the office space make it a design that will turn heads. Another beautiful bespoke Iroko feature wall with a hidden door stands out for its aesthetic detail, and you'll find a sleek and modern interior in the new guest kitchenette. We installed a full-height system for the internal glazing and partitions, including double glass leaf doors that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. We took care of every detail, including installing a stud partition in the meeting room, removing glazed units, doors, and frames, and ensuring the floor and ceiling looked as good as new. And safety hasn't been forgotten - we added fire stopping to any necessary wall penetrations.

Internal Floor and Ceiling Finishes: Carpeting, Painting, and Decals

The final stages of this unique project required close attention to detail and careful execution to ensure everything was to the highest standard. We installed internal floor and ceiling finishes, including a 400 sq.m carpet in the specified areas. We took great care to protect, clean, and retain the existing carpet throughout the works to maintain its original appearance. In addition to the flooring, we handled the internal painting and decoration of the entire office area and installed new decals. Our goal was to create a space that was not only beautiful but also highly functional.

Completion and Handover: Final Steps and Deliverables

We performed a full builder clean before handing over the completed job to our happy client to guarantee it was spotless. Despite the limitations of a partitioned site, our 360Works team at Mckeon Group executed the project in phases. We are pleased to have completed the project on time and with meticulous attention to detail. Furthermore, we provided our client with a substantial operational and maintenance file to ensure the ongoing success of their new space. It was a challenging and rewarding project, and we are thrilled to have been a part of its successful completion.


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