Motor showroom fit out

DS Automobiles

Project Team

Project Surveyor
Liam Flynn
Contracts Manager
Arthur Bennett
Site Foreman
Brian Talbot
Construction Director
Aidan McEnroe
Health and Safety Officer
Tiarna Mullan


DS Automobiles came to McKeon Group looking for a motor showroom fit out befitting their prestigious brand and our team endeavoured to provide just that. The fit out at Gowan Motors on the Navan Road took four months and involved several disciplines to bring it to life. This project lacked a brief in a traditional sense and we received drawings that illustrated what was required. These were the foundations for all our plans and how we executed them. Our team implemented these designs and ensured to meet the correct specifications. DS Automobiles has a particular style they wished to uphold in their first Irish Outlet. The centrepiece of the design was a 72 sq meter floating ceiling. The client supplied an Italian lighting track to house numerous strategic downlights which were to be suspended from the existing purlins. This was to form the outside of our floating ceiling. Our challenges lay in suspending the ceiling at a suitable height to cater to ductwork and provide access to two Fan Coil units. We arranged the installation to have ductwork running through the existing structural steel opes in the purlins and to drop it after to ceiling height. This innovative solution gave the installers room to install the metal deck backing on the MF ceiling.

Sleek and Stylish

This motor showroom fit out had a particular emphasis on the showroom looking sleek and stylish. To do this, we had to devise innovative ways to incorporate functionality. This meant that it would not negatively impact the overall feel. One of these considerations was service access to the fan conditioning units. This ensured access in the event of critical failure. Through our innovative processes, we did this by installing an inset hatch embedded into the ceiling. This hatch provided access without taking away from the standout design features. Despite the setbacks and hurdles, we completed the project on time, to the client’s specifications and under budget. By working closely with the client and design team, we reduced the risks of not completing it on time and meeting their requirements. Our open communication with all parties involved also helped to reduce any delays. By working closely with the on-site design team, we resolved issues quickly and successfully. The result is a truly stunning end project which we are proud to be associated with and delivered.


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