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The Nano Research Facility (NRF) is a 3,000-square metre state-of-the-art facility. Integrated into the lab are the highest standards of environmental control, vibration control, lab services, and security. It provides instrument access, expertise, education, solutions, and services to over fifty companies ranging from multinationals to local start-ups. It includes the Atomic Layer Deposition lab which features an ALD machine and an incredibly high-powered microscope. Significantly, DCU and Stanford University are the only two locations that have this microscope. The second lab is a Femto lab which features high-powered lasers used for research and development. In the Femto lab, all process utilities, constant temperature, and humidity need to be maintained. Changing the environment, such as entering a room, can disrupt their functionality, so constant monitoring is necessary. Concurrently, all ventilation and system controls must be operating perfectly. The NRF allows DCU to integrate and connect current technical capability and equipment within the institution, bringing together expertise to create core capabilities.  On the whole, this allows DCU researchers, visiting research teams, and industry to collaborate, enhancing the process of bringing research from concept through to final prototyping and ultimately commercialisation. Evidently, the NRF is a vital institution that helps scientists in numerous ways.

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This nano research facility is just one example of the mechanical projects that we can undertake. To learn more, visit here.

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