The New STEM Building at DKIT Campus


Project Team

Construction Director
Paddy Cassidy
Site Manager
Lukasz Pilat
Quantity Surveyor
Amie Bennett
H&S Manager
Veronica Lavelle
Site Engineer
Kris McCloskey
Key suppliers and teams:
Scott Tallon Walker
M&E Engineers
Delap & Waller
Structural & Civil Eng
Quantity Surveyors
Duke McCaffrey
TJ O'Mahony
Curtain Walling & Windows
Titan Roofing
Mechanical Installation
Laurence Mechanical Services
Fire Consultants & DAC
Profire & Design Ltd.
Assigned Certifier


Dundalk Institute of Technology (DKIT) is set to lead the way in STEM education with its groundbreaking state-of-the-art Jocelyn Bell Burnell science building. This ambitious endeavour addresses the growing demand for dedicated teaching and laboratory spaces for science, technology, engineering and mathematics students. Situated strategically next to DKIT's existing North Building, the state-of-the-art facility aims to enhance campus infrastructure. We are thrilled to have successfully delivered this project while ensuring the utmost satisfaction of our clients.

A Seamless Integration:

The new STEM Building spans an impressive 1300 square meters, located on the eastern side of the North Building. A two-storey link was meticulously designed to connect the new and existing structures to achieve seamless integration. To achieve this, we needed to make alterations to the North Building to ensure easy access and movement for students and staff. We scheduled this work during non-term periods to minimise disruption to the college's operations. The result is a cohesive pathway, uniting the two structures and fostering a harmonious learning environment.

Aesthetics and Design:

The exterior of the new facility showcases a modern and aesthetically pleasing design, featuring robust brick and glazing cladding. Internally, the structure is constructed using reinforced concrete (RC) to meet the requirements of highly serviced laboratory and teaching spaces. The design prioritises functionality, creating an environment that encourages collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. The labs are equipped with cutting-edge specialist laboratory furniture, ensuring DKIT remains at the forefront of STEM education.


Completing the STEM Building at DKIT marks a significant milestone for the campus and the community. Through meticulous planning, dedication to safety and sustainable practices, McKeon Group has delivered an exceptional facility that empowers students and educators to pursue knowledge and innovation. The new STEM building is a testament to the value of collaboration, expertise and forward-thinking, reflecting DKIT's commitment to providing its students with the best possible educational experience.

As the doors of the STEM Building swing open, a new learning era begins, inspiring students to explore, question, and create. The impact of this project will reverberate for generations, leaving a lasting legacy that propels DKIT and its students towards a brighter and more innovative future in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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