Production Line and Lab Construction

Pharmaceutical client

Project Team

Contracts Director
Paddy Cassidy
Site Manager
Enda Smyth
Mechanical Contract Manager
Jim Wheatley
Electrical Contract Manager
Neil Wyer
Health & Safety Manager
Veronica Lavelle
Architect & PSDP


This project involved the construction of a pharmaceutical clients production line and lab building. We also completed the fit-out in a clean environment.   The works involved the installation of a new process line within their existing facility. This process included works completed at the ground and first floor levels. This consisted of the construction of a new building structure within the existing double-height space.   As a result of the communication and coordination between McKeon Group and the client, the facility remained operational throughout the work. This certainly required transparency and precise arrangements to ensure no undue disruption occurred.   Despite the global pandemic, this Production Line and Lab Construction was completed in 2021.  

McKeon Group

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