Woodlock hall, DCU



The works took place in the All Hallows campus 18th century Senior House. Woodlock hall has been repurposed as a University library, the library itself is a multi-level steel structure built within the confines of the hall, with minimal points of contact to the building in an effort to maintain as much of the existing building as possible. Excavation works to remove the floor were necessary to create the steel structures fixing base, to allow for the insulation of the floor and for the installation of a high efficiency commercial Air to Water heat pump underfloor heating system, to provide temperature management for the library. Careful internal deconstruction of the lobby area to the front of the hall was undertaken to facilitate the installation of a new multi storey lift to each floor of the building, housed in a glazed façade and prefabricated metal stair system. All works here occurred in a live third level campus.                                                                                                                          The works were completed in 2020.

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