Meet the Women of McKeon Group

This week we mark International Women’s Day, a global holiday celebrated annually on 8 March. It highlights gender equality, reproductive rights, and violence and abuse against women.

Careers in construction have changed dramatically over the past 10 years. Better health and safety and increased use of technology are two trends making construction more attractive to young people.

McKeon Group prides itself on diversity and strives for a more inclusive and equitable workforce. We are proud to have an above-average number of female employees at McKeon Group. This number currently stands at 14%, whereas the construction industry is around 9%. We won’t pat ourselves on the back just yet, though, as we know this number should and can be better, so we will continue to work towards embracing equity.

Our Deputy Managing Director, Clíona Molloy, said: “Apart from the sense of achievement of seeing a project move through all the stages from the Tender Stage through to completion, for me, the best part of working in Construction is the wide variety of people I have the pleasure in meeting across such a variety of specialisms, trades, industries, backgrounds, client categories,  all with different expertise, points of view and experiences to share.”

A few of our people attended the Construction Industry Federation’s event in Dunboyne Castle on 8 March, where they mingled with other ladies in the industry.

Some of their takeaways from the event:

Quantity Surveyor Amie Bennett said, “Definitely hit home about mentoring and lack of accessibility to construction/engineering subjects in all-girl secondary schools.”

Our Marketing Manager Gemma Kerley felt moved by the speaker on Emotional Intelligence, Barbara Nugent, and its importance in the workplace for better business outcomes. Gemma also noted that when compared in general to men, women will only apply for a role if they feel they have competence in every one of the requirements mentioned. To counter this, as an organisation, we need to recognise this bias when recruiting and communicate effectively what is essential and what can be developed once in employment.

It was an eye-opening event that emphasised the importance of equity and pushing for what you want in your career. The speakers and panellists made some excellent points at the event, which we will be implementing at McKeon Group to help encourage more women into the construction industry and support our current employees so they may continue to flourish in the industry.

This week, we’d like to celebrate all the lovely ladies who work with us here at McKeon Group.


McKeon Group provides project services across four company divisions, construction, mechanical and electrical engineering, and 360Works under shared support services. Each division competes in its respective market and works together on group projects.

To learn more about some of the women working with us, you can read all about Health and Safety Manager Veronica Lavelle and Quantity Surveyor Amie Bennett in previous blogs when we interviewed them.

Likewise, to read about International Women’s Day, please visit: here.


Deep Energy Retrofit – Improve Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Implementing a deep energy retrofit for a building can provide significant economic, environmental, and social benefits to building owners, occupants, and society. This process involves upgrading various building components to increase energy efficiency, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint, energy savings, improved indoor environmental quality, increased asset value, and compliance with regulations. Among the measures typically taken during a deep energy retrofit upgrade to insulation, HVAC systems, lighting, windows, and doors, as well as the installation of renewable energy systems. Notably, this retrofitting process can be carried out in live environments, minimising disruption to occupants. McKeon Group specialises in customised solutions for deep energy retrofits and has worked with commercial, government, and educational clients to create energy-efficient, sustainable, and comfortable buildings.

Benefits and advantages of deep energy retrofit

Several measures are typically taken when retrofitting a building to increase energy efficiency


  • Upgrading the building’s insulation:

Insulation keeps the building warm during the winter and cool during the summer, reducing the need for air conditioning and heating. Adding insulation to walls, roofs, and floors can significantly reduce a building’s energy consumption.


  • Replacing or upgrading the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system: 

HVAC systems are responsible for a significant portion of a building’s energy consumption. Replacing an older, inefficient HVAC system with a new, energy-efficient one can result in substantial energy savings.


  • Installing energy-efficient lighting: 

Replacing older lighting systems with newer, more efficient LED lighting can reduce a building’s energy consumption and improve the quality of light.


  • Upgrading windows and doors:

Replacing older windows and doors with newer, energy-efficient models can help reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.


  • Installing renewable energy systems:

Installing solar panels, wind turbines, or other renewable energy systems can help a building generate energy and reduce its dependence on grid-supplied energy.


These are just some measures usually taken when retrofitting a building for energy efficiency. The actions will depend on the building’s energy usage patterns, construction type, and other factors.


Refer to the interactive image below for information on the various components of energy retrofitting

Deep energy retrofits in live environments

Deep energy retrofits are usually done in live environments, which means the retrofit can occur while the building is in use. As a construction company, we understand that deep energy retrofits can be challenging in live environments. That’s why we take a strategic and collaborative approach to ensure that the retrofit is carried out with minimal disruption to occupants. 

Completed Deep Energy Retrofits

McKeon Group has completed deep energy retrofits for many clients, including the OPW, HSE, third level colleges, hospitality, food production and pharma. We specialise in creating custom solutions that meet each client’s unique needs and goals, resulting in energy-efficient, sustainable, and comfortable buildings.

Check out our work on one of these projects on UCD, Belfield District Heating System in this video or find out more about SEAI Pathfinder projects here.


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